Travel Memory: Mauritius, Indian Ocean

A holiday of a life time, 14 days of sun, beautiful sand and clear water in Mauritius, Indian Ocean. If you’re thinking of going or never heard of it it needs to be on your travel bucket list!

So lets start with the basics, Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa which isn’t too far from Madagascar. The people and cultures are fantastic, a great influence of African, Indian and Chinese (and many more!) which makes such a colourful and friendly atmosphere.

We stayed on the North East coast, this is the least “touristy” part of the Island as most Tourists prefer the South West Coast. On the contrary the North East’s beaches are clearer and brighter sand, the flip side is slightly more windy as it is open to the vast Indian Ocean. The island can be driven around via a rental car in one day easily, or split into two halves, for North and South for separate days. Car rental is incredibly cheap, top tip: ask your hotel for a local car hire, we paid the equivalent to £30 per day and got a nice medium sized hatch, fuel is relatively cheap and the roads are great to drive on. Navigation for us was via an app on Mauritius that used offline mapes and relied solely on your mobile phone GPS location so no data was used.

The food was really lovely, luckily our hotel hadn’t been too Westernized although they did mention some guests complain there isn’t pizza, burgers and chips. We were in utter shock as the cuisine is amazing with all of the cultural influence the food was rich in flavours and really healthy!

Things to do, we bought a travel book and decided which bits we wanted to see. I can’t recommend more than that, one experience we thoroughly enjoyed was climbing Le Morne with a guide, we couldn’t have done it without him. Le Morne is a large mountain based in the far South West of the Island, at 556m and a UNESCO site due to its controversial historic importance with slavery and a rare plant that only grows there. The views from the top were breathtaking, there are quite a few image below of it. It should only be attempted with a professional guide, we started at first light as by 11am (when we where approximately half way in decent) the temperatures were reaching uncomfortable temperatures.

The capital St. Louis is fantastic, we popped in twice and really enjoyed it, there is a park and ride by the docks which is really useful as it drops you nearly into the centre. The hustle of the streets is great along with fantastic markets to filter around with so much colour everywhere.

Snorkeling, great!! The ocean is so clear! We saw puffer fish, coral, urchins, eels, lion fish, angel fish, among other pretty reef fish. Again, research is needed and ask for local knowledge.

The dogs, OK, we love dogs; we made friends with so many of them. Although strays they are everywhere. They are all friendly, the ones that aren’t so much will just wander away from you as you approach. It wasn’t uncommon to have a nap on the beach lounger and wake up with one peacefully curled up next to you on the sand. Apparently they decent from Dutch hunting dogs.

We had the holiday for a life time and experiences that we thought we would never had. If you have any specific questions please do get in touch as we’ll be happy to answer them.

A photography of Le Morne taken by drone, includes the under water waterfall. Mauritius, East Africa, Indian Ocean. 2018

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