WOW! What a wedding! – The day started for me with a stupid-o’clock start of 5am (totally worth it!!) with a 2 hour drive, 1 hour land train and 30min on the tube and before I knew it I was with the Groom in O’neils near St. Pancras Train Station. What a slick looking Groom, rocking a tails jacket and some awesome touches such as a gold pocket watch, black and white shoes, dickie-bow and woven wool waistcoat.After a quick beverage it was off to the ceremony location St. Pancras International Train station (Yes, really!!). It was amazing! One of the Eurostar trains was stationed in the backdrop, peacock themed colouring and the most amazing location.

The ceremony was fantastic, the Bride and Groom were completely oblivious to the gathering crowds of commuters and tourists it was just a fantastic atmosphere, I just hope my bottom wasn’t out while they were taking pictures of the ceremony.

After the lovely modern ceremony the wedding guests and families had a few rounds of champagne and canapes waiting from them at Searcys. Nacho, the family carrot-loving chiwawa was an absolute star see him below.

Then we were off for a 2.5 hour taxi trip around London, just amazing! Like nothing i’ve experienced before and the weather was just perfect, even for November!

The evening ceremony was held at a local nightclub in Edgeware and was bursting with colour, every detail was beautiful and vibrant. The food was all vegetarian and of Indian origin, it was lovely to have traditional Indian food and was so tasty! The evening entertainment was a traditional Indian dance by the bridesmaids, a hilarious ‘Lads YMCA’ dance with the groomsmen (without the Groom) and the Groom singing both a much loved classic and an Indian love song (Which he learned and practiced in secret).

So by 10:20 it was unfortunately time to leave the wedding celebration to actually sprint (yes with all of the photography gear) to catch the last London underground service from Edgeware to London Waterloo before returning back to Farnborough via land train, then the 2hr drive home.

A 22hr day from shower to sleep – it was so worth it!

All Images taken by SRSW Photography whilst acting as a Second Photographer for DM Photography.