Megan & Rosie’s Wedding at The Market House in Castle Cary, Somerset

Marvellous Brides, Magic, mischievous Uncles,  moreish brownies and many many smiles! All within the beautiful South Somerset town of Castle Cary. Such a lovely wedding, another wedding that took the little book of wedding rules and tore it up! The best weddings are the ones that have what the couple wants and family and a great bunch of friends to celebrate with!

This set is an example of Documentary/Reportage wedding photography (with a few couples portraits), the style is to obtain immersive photos (or sequences of photos) to make the viewer feel as if they were there or if they were there to transport them back to that memory. The way in which these photographs are obtained is always to remain unobtrusive as possible and just capturing things as they happen, often stood way out from the action. I love it, gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile!

Wedding Photo Slideshow of this set: